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I don’t understand WHY?

Hi friends,

It’s me, Sanath again,

I had a telephone conversation with a lady yesterday who had contacted me to know about internet marketing ( I have been guiding her for last 20 days). She didn’t have any knowledge about internet marketing but enthusiastic in learning about it. I have been explaining her step by step what internet marketing is and how it works. She had a lot of questions to ask. I’ll show you some of them.

  1. Can we earn money online?

My answer – Of course we can. Millions of people are doing it right now.


  1. What do we have to do to earn money online? Do we need sales experience?

My answer – It depends. You can sell products or services online, you can invest online, or you can be an affiliate of an on-going business and earn commissions and many other ways to earn money. You don’t need sales experience for that. There are people and programmes to help you. But you need to know what you want to do and how you like to do it. The Internet itself will help you to find answers to your questions. One more thing. You need to know what questions to ask. That says again, you MUST know what you are trying to do A to Z. If someone has experience, that definitely be an added advantage.


  1. If I don’t know what to do?


My answer – That’s why I am talking to you right now. You know me for over 5 years. It is you to decide whether you can trust me to teach you.


  1. I can trust you. But these things are very complicated. I don’t have time to learn all those things……….

So my friends. What do you think? Do you have the same problems?

Let me tell you something, To be honest with you I have tried every possible way to find the solutions to my money problems. I worked and worked none stop and had two jobs, still, I was not able to earn enough money to pay my bills. I couldn’t work more because there is a limit which allowed me to work only 7 days a week. I did not have time to spend with my family and friends. I was suffering a lot financially, physically, emotionally and more importantly socially. I knew there had to be something better than getting up at 6 AM every morning, working my butt off, and being dissatisfied with the way my life was going. After years of service,

I started looking for options. I heard about internet marketing from a friend who was doing it successfully and searched about it. I was working minimum 84 hours a week at that time. But I managed to find a couple of hours after work and sometimes in my lunch hour to learn about internet marketing. It took me over four months to get an idea of WHAT SHOULD I DO. And I didn’t stop there. I applied what I learned. Well! I am a happy man now.

This is what I don’t understand. People spend eight hours or more with their regular job a day. No matter whether they like it or not. No matter how tedious the job is. No matter how stressful the job is. And no matter what they miss in their life. They keep on working for years and years. They work for others, making profits for others, selling their valuable time and get a regular paycheque whether it was enough or not to pay their bills. AND DON’T HAVE JUST TWO HOURS A DAY FOR THREE MONTHS TO IMPROVE THEIR LIFE FOREVER.

All I ask you is to be reasonable to yourself. Give time for yourself. Internet marketing is a good thing and I know it. With the extraordinary commitment of people like STONE EVANS, You will never be alone. He has given everything you need to be a successful internet marketer soon. Please have a look in Plug-In Profit website.

I appreciate your comments about what I think.

Talk to you soon



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